Working with Agents

If you’re part of a larger brokerage (or just a growing team) LoadPilot is a great choice. We’ve built our system from the ground up to make it very easy for teams to work together. You can add unlimited agents to your account and control everything they have access to. You can assign which carriers each agent can work with and even require their loads to be approved by you at various steps. This puts you in total control of your business. Best of all, if you have more advanced agents whom you trust, then you can make them into what we call “super agents”. These accounts have more features and power to control loads. Super Agents can even help you manage other agents and assist in running your business.

  • Add Unlimited Agents To Your Account. As your business grows, LoadPilot is here for you. Keep adding more agents as needed.
  • Manage and Approve What Your Agents Do. You have fine-grain control over what your agents are and are not able to do.
  • Assign Super Agents to Manage Others. For the most trusted members of your team, you can set their accounts as super agents. This allows them to do most of the things your broker account can do.

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