3 Quick Tips for Owner / Operators

Technology used to be one of the primary driving forces in the freight broker and truck driving industry. Nowadays, technology is THE driving force. However, just because technology has advanced many facets of the trucking industry, this does not mean driving during the summertime has gotten any easier. Let’s take a quick look at a few tips for your freight carriers to follow as the end of summer starts to roll around.

Check the Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems

Sure, the cooling and AC system in your truck might be working fine right now, keeping you cool as you travel in the heat, but once the end of summer comes around, you will want to inspect them to make sure they are good to go for next year. You don’t want warmer weather coming around next year only to discover your cooling and AC systems need to be maintenanced.

Check All Belts

When your trucks are exposed to heat, this increases the risk of extreme wear and tear on any belts. With this in mind, a simple visual inspection can go a long way in helping you determine if any repairs or replacements need to be made. When you are performing the visual inspection, make sure to look for proper belt tension. If you have an automatic tensioner, you will want to check it as well. In addition, check the belts for any misalignment.

Check All Hoses

Unlike belts, the hoses on your truck will corrode from the inside out, meaning a visual inspection won’t show you any problems. Instead, you will need to squeeze the hoses near their ends. If it feels spongy-like, then you need to replace them.