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Developed in 2006, LoadPilot was the first online, freight broker management software ever created. It is one of the few that has stood the test of time and continues to evolve, helping brokers like you run your business easier, faster and more efficiently. LoadPilot is ideal for new, small, or mid-sized brokerages and has been developed by brokers, for brokers. Features are created and implemented based on the suggestions and recommendations of actual LoadPilot users. That means it has robust, speedy features, and no unnecessary, over-complicated functionality. Short video tutorials and our built-in, error-prevention and alert system guides you through the process. So, it’s easy to learn and use, even for new brokers and agents. That means faster on-boarding of new employees and fewer rookie mistakes.

In a Broker’s Own Words


Loadpilot Features

LoadPilot works from any computer, smartphone, tablet or mobile device. It’s an all-in-one brokering management system that prefect for any transportation professional. Track all your loads online and fax or email rate confirmations, invoices, BOL’s and more with just the click of a button. Easily quote, book, organize, invoice and manage all of your loads – all online.


Find Carriers

Built-in Database of 150K Carriers


Send Documents

Email / Fax Invoices, BOL, Rate Conf’s & Invoices


Billing & Invoicing

Full Accounting System Exports for QuickBooks™ & Others


More Features

Great for Teams with Agents

LoadPilot is perfect for brokers who have multiple agents. You can add an unlimited number of agents and control everything they do. There are also checks and balances built in to make sure they follow your processes correctly. You also have the ability to add “Super Agents” to help you manage your business.


What Customers Have Said

  • I attended broker training school… when I was introduced to Loadpilot I realized that this was a tool that could enable me to handle the massive flow of information a broker must have at at his fingertips. In short, Loadpilot is a tool I can't imagine working without. True professionals only use top quality tools. Loadpilot is one of those.

    Trey C.
  • Impressive! When all is said and done, our most valuable commodity in Brokering is our time, and LoadPilot is a huge help in saving time and increasing our productivity… Great selection of carriers as well!

    T. Adams
  • Information is everything and information at your fingertips makes me invaluable to my customers. The truck database LoadPilot offers has a search function that I can use with partial information to give me the most broad or specific search I need. Thank you for creating such invaluable software!

    Jenet B.

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